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Devika is a proven leader with 20 years of experience in financial services and has spent the last 10 years in the pet industry. After watching many colleagues lose their jobs in 2008 due to the financial crisis, Devika realized that there was no such thing as job security even with renowned, global organizations and even for the most talented and highly effective employees.  During such a volatile environment, she tapped into her passion for animals and very conscientiously, she devised a "back-up" plan to independently secure her future.

She took her passion for animals and worked with her business partner to form No Leash Needed. Devika left financial services to focus on her pet business in 2018. The company grew into the second largest kennel in the St. Louis Metro area in a few short years. The company built a solid reputation, based on exceptional level of care for the dogs, with absolute transparency and proactive customer care. Its financial performance along with market share led the company to be acquired for the highest multiple within the industry.  

Now, Devika spends her time consulting with owners of pet businesses to improve their company's performance. She also oversees PetKennect Systems which she developed in-house as a proprietary kennel management system.  


Devika has spoken at several conferences on topics including entrepreneurship, leadership, operations, and motivating youth to pursue their dreams in college.  

Her events include:

  • McDonalds Education Expo - Chicago, IL

  • Midwest Women's Business Owners Conference St. Louis, MO

  • Barkleigh Pet Expo - Hershey, PA

  • International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) Flow Conference - Orlando, FL


She holds an Honors BBA from Loyola University Chicago, an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, and an Executive Education Certification from Harvard Business School.   


Shannon has a wealth of knowledge in dog behavior and training. She has been professionally training dogs for almost 15 years. She left a desk job to pursue her dreams of becoming a dog trainer after struggling with her personal pets. Sadly, she realized that most dog trainers sold methods, not training - and the techniques were either outdated or unsuccessful. She set out to learn from the best dog trainers all over the world before developing her own training methods and system.  She continues to work with private clients, rescues, and animal control to help problematic dogs that most trainers will not handle.

Her multifaceted approach became the system in use at her kennel - leading her facilities to be one of the top in St. Louis.  

Shannon's knowledge allowed her to develop and shape the kennel play group standards and practices, ensuring safe group play for all dogs. Under her guidance, the kennels implemented operating procedures and a training protocol for all staff handling dogs.  

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