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Few industries have the emotional connection to clients that you do. Today, more people are choosing to have pets over children, and they want the best for them. They want to know that the people that care for their beloved pets are professionals and are prepared for any situation. They need to trust you to feel confident in the care you provide. It only takes one small situation or injury from camp to lose the trust that you have worked so hard to gain with a client. Solid policies and procedures help minimize incidents that could damage your reputation and business. 

In this industry, it can be hard to have policies and procedures that are strictly adhered to given the unpredictable nature of animals. However, having them provides a way to communicate and apply consistent standards and practices within your organization. It also sets a clear path and job outline for all your employees.

Effective Policies and Procedures have several benefits:

  • Save time and mistakes

  • Reduce training costs

  • Ensure consistent results

  • Empower the workforce

  • Maintain quality standards


Ineffective procedures can be just as disastrous as having no procedures at all, leading to:

  • Errors and frustration

  • Increased costs

  • Wasted time and money

  • Injuries

Let PetKennect help you revise or develop policies and procedures that prepare you for future growth, simplify performance management, maintain quality standards, and make your business operations consistent across all employees. 

By creating standards and best practices, you will reduce time spent training employees and create clarity for staff members. This eliminates or reduces mistakes, keeps staff focused on their responsibilities, and creates a proficient and happy workforce.

We can create policies and processes for each individual job position such as day care attendants, customer service representatives, or kennel workers. To do this, we work with you to create processes that fit your company – we don’t use canned and cookie cutter methods because each firm we have worked with has unique expectations and needs.

Here are a few areas we can assist:

  • Organizational structure, job descriptions & duties

  • Effective communication with pet parents & follow-up phone calls

  • How to handle incident reports & incident report templates

  • Communication reference sheet & best practices for effective communication

  • Effective staff management programs

  • Cleaning protocols

  • Summer safety protocols

  • Task and checklists customized to your needs​

We also provide templates for:

  • Training contracts

  • Legal releases

  • Customer notifications

  • Customer termination letters

And HR forms, including:

  • Employee complaint forms

  • Employee recognition awards

  • Performance reviews

  • Employee handbooks


Business Meeting


  • Create job descriptions

  • Task lists

  • Protocols for safety and cleaning

  • Review of current policies and hierarchy

  • Develop/revise employee handbook

Business Meeting


  • Includes Basic package plus...

  • Customer management communications

  • Legal release review/creation

Business Meeting


  • Ideal for multi-service and/or site-operators

  • Comprehensive HR management


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