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Your Best Employee!

All-in-One Kennel and HR Management System

Digitally Create and Sign Contracts

Build Your Own Reports, Customize Everything!

Switching Made Easy - Keep Your History

Most kennel softwares fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. It's full of all the bells and whistles but is impossible to use or completely overwhelming

  2. It is lacking in basic features and automation

  3. It cannot easily handle multiple locations or customization. 

The one thing they all have in common is ineffective reporting.

What makes PetKennect unique?

PetKennect was built from the ground up in an actual kennel. It has been tried, tested, and in production for over 10 years. We are the only system to excel at reporting, efficiency, and human resources management along with all the other features that we consider standard for pet care facilities. If you would like that extensive list, you can see it HERE.

Human Resources

  • Performance management/reviews

  • Document storage

  • Digital on-boarding (with other subscriptions)

  • Scheduling

  • Staff notices requiring digital acknowledgement

  • Automation of personnel files for regulatory agencies

  • Create custom roles and set permissions

  • Recruiting and applicant management

  • Staff reporting and calendar

  • Company wide messaging and notifications

  • Require digital acknowledgments

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Key Features

  • Easily add/switch between locations

  • Easily add any species

  • Fully customization to your company including color schemes

  • Complete human resource management

  • Track and monitor labor by department

  • Built in CRM

  • Reporting module is one-of-a kind, integrating all facets of your business to ensure that you are running smoothly

  • Set targets, track labor, track sales, promotions, and retention – the list goes on and on.

  • Key customer metrics such as retention, loyalty, etc.

  • Build your own reports and graphs

  • Customized user logins

  • Forecast revenues

  • Merge clients easily

  • API for enterprise clients

  • Competitive, integrated CC processing

  • Various dashboards according to service or metrics

  • The Daily 1 - more than just a dashboard! 

  • Cash or accrual accounting reporting

  • Kennel optimizer

  • Retail POS

  • Evaluate prepaid services

  • Prorated or usage based refunds

Is It Worth Switching?

Changing software can be a daunting process and feel like it is not worth the hassle. We make it easy - and we let you keep your past history. This is a first, as most providers tell you that your data is gone or you need to download it a spreadsheet. As a business, how can you have a complete view of your clients, if your history is missing? We solved this problem and our integration team will work with you to keep the data you need. 


Don't limit your success due to an outdated platform.

Key Features


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